We consider it essential that any activity developed at any of our venues is a success and that our clients are fully satisfied.
For this reason, Monbull has been devised as a holistic experience during which, from location to decoration, our approach and problem solving skills ensure clients always consider a Monbull space a model venue when it comes to hiring quality venues in Madrid.

Marta Montoro
CEO & Founder

An expert in the real estate industry and aware of the limited number of distinctive places where people can work and host meetings or events, she decided to change the concept of venue hire by taking a step away from the idea of co-working, instead opting for more personal, flexible and welcoming venues where discretion and style allow for great positioning with your clients.

Marta believes Monbull's main objective is to achieve optimal quality in the service provided to the client, offering a service devised holistically to satisfy any need the client may have.


Miguel Arce

One of the tasks that requires the most attention is carefully selecting the venues that comprise the Monbull Collection. Each venue is chosen due to its strategic location within the city or its distinctive characteristics. The venue is subsequently renovated, fitted out and decorated to convey the Monbull spirit. None of this would be possible without excellent economic and financial planning, which allows us to decide on the best investments and the most suitable financing in order to achieve the most exclusive, distinguished venues in the sector.


Ana Cebrián
Facility Manager

Ana has been working with us for two years. Her experience in sales, management and customer service in multinational companies ensures any request from our clients is sensibly and efficiently dealt with.

We like to carefully plan and prepare everything so your stay, event or meeting is successful. Every detail counts and we offer every aspect that could help you enjoy your experience in our venues. We attend to your requests and manage the perfect solution to your needs.


Juanjo Jiménez

Our venues are designed to facilitate coexistence between lessees, while maintaining peace, quiet and discretion. The design of each space was developed after analysing the venue's architectural structure and devising its communal areas such that transit is comfortable, relaxed and pleasant.
The eclectic, cosmopolitan design of each decorative element or piece of furniture provides these venues with a unique, highly adaptable character.


Marian Sainz
Administrative Assistant & Receptionist

Marian recently joined our team to attend to clients in Antonio Maura. She has worked in the design, architecture and décor industry. She is a meticulous, creative and efficient individual who can adapt to any situation. Our clients love her and she makes all their lives much easier.


If you are unsure which Monbull venue best suits your needs, don’t hesitate to ask us. We can advise you on which one is the perfect choice for you, as well as the services we can associate with the venue to offer you a distinguished experience.


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