March-April 2021: Ithaca by Gonzalo Muiño

 In Proyectos Monbull Corner

From 9 March to 24 March, Monbull Corner became the backdrop for an extraordinary journey to Ithaca as conceived by Gonzalo Muiño and clothing brand Barbour.

Inspired by the poem by Konstantino Kavafis (1911), the exhibition was an invitation to stop and notice the details of the journey, fearlessly facing adventure, treasuring experiences. A concept where time and the timelessness of the journey became a symbol of the brand’s quality and essence.

An innovative experience where branding, Muiño’s artwork and the venue itself come together to present Barbour’s most iconic pieces alongside the newest additions to its collection. A social context was also created, and five of these garments were handmade by the artist and auctioned to raise funds for the (R)Forest Project association to plant trees in deforested areas.

The extensive media coverage (Vogue, Traveler, Vanity Fair, El País, RNE, etc.) and the popularity with the public led to the idea of extending the exhibition at Monbull Corner until 4 April 2021.

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