A new way of branding

Monbull Corner is a new venue in Madrid designed specifically for brands looking for a new way to communicate and generate quality content, disrupting the usual marketing tools. This new venue connects the brand with an artist who aligns with the brand’s values, style and philosophy to create a unique, one-of-a-kind campaign with a strong media and social media impact.

Branding Art

Brands are looking for inspirational resources and methods that disrupt the rules of traditional marketing.

Art permeates brand communication and vice versa, which has a positive impact on engaging consumers hungry for new and compelling communication experiences.


If you are interested in hiring the space to hold an exhibition, write us an email asking for our format WEEKEND ART

The new concept from Monbull

This new venue concept has been created to cover, optimise and understand every aspect of the events hosted there. Specialists in each department join forces to this end: Monbull’s in-depth knowledge of venue management and design, Mercedes Amorós’ extensive experience in branding and the creative direction of illustrator and designer Jorge Arévalo.


We work with brands that want to translate their essence into new formats and whose enthusiasm pushes them to discover new ideas. In short, brands which, like us, believe that it’s not all said and done when it comes to branding and brand communication.

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