When it comes to organising a business event there are two concepts that will form the basis of the event: organisation and planning It doesn’t matter if you hire the best caterer or make a big investment, if you don’t have everything tied up afterwards. Leave nothing to improvisation, and you will achieve success in your business event. But how to organise a business event itself?

In Monbull we are specialists in renting spaces in Madrid that are adapted to celebrate the best business events, so we know from our experience what is all that is necessary to celebrate a business event. In this post we will give you the keys to make your business celebration a success.

How to organise a successful company event

When you start organising a business event, in addition to choosing the type of celebration, you will have to evaluate and plan a number of essential tasks to make the event a success. That’s why it’s important that you have enough time to do things without rushing. Make a good planning and checklist to control everything, stick to a budget to avoid surprises and, above all, be realistic.

Try to develop the tasks with imagination and reinvent yourself, many of the things if you do them with grace you will be able to reduce costs or go for different things, which will surprise your guests. Don’t forget to have good audiovisual equipment to immortalise the moment so you can later use the material for promotion, that’s why we advise you to hire an agency that specialises in this, so that you can forget about it.

Tips for organising a business event

We believe that these aspects are key to ensure that everything goes as expected and that your business event is a success:

  1. Choose the place where you will celebrate the event: look for an exclusive and elegant place but without losing comfort. At Monbull we are used to hosting corporate events so we can help you with catering, as well as offering unique and easily accessible spaces for your guests.
  2. Social media and WIFI: don’t forget to promote the event through social media, as social media advertising campaigns are very effective and allow you to get very close to the target you have decided on. It is essential that on the day of the celebration you have a reliable WIFI network, with which attendees can share and interact during the event in real time. Suggest a hashtag to help you become a trending topic.
  3. Know your target audience: think about who you are targeting before creating the message and content of the event. The people who attend our event are usually also customers, so make an effort to get to know them well. It adapts the food and drink according to their tastes, it is not the same if they are young as if they are adults or have a strong religious background.
  4. Sustainability: take care of your corporate social responsibility, promote good habits and show off your awareness of ecology and the sustainability of the planet. This can be done using recycled paper, or by replacing individual flyers with posters with links to the event website (or using QR codes for mobile phones).
  5. Make sure you are present on the internet: in the 21st century it is absolutely necessary to have a website, even a simple one, for the business event you are organising. It will contain all the information about where, when and how the event will take place.

There is no denying that organising a corporate event is a lot of work, but with good planning and an experienced team of professionals, you can bring to life any type of event as you imagine it, spectacular and perfect. On the day of the event, don’t forget to enjoy!

organizar un evento empresarial